We all have inner strength.

Finding the center of strength within ourselves, is in the long run, the best contribution we can make to our fellow man.

– Rollo May, well known psychologist.

As a professional counselor, I want to help you find and use your strengths so you can live a healthy and purposeful life.

Therapy FocusCounseling people for over 25 years, Gina Niewodowski, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, specializes in helping people manage mood issues, recovery from divorce, sexual and domestic abuse, job loss and grief. Art and play therapy are used with children to help them express concerns in a comfortable and safe environment.

Since 1990, Gina has consulted with schools and organizations about their readiness to cope with tragedies which often affect management, staff and students. She provides onsite individual and group support services immediately following a crisis.

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